Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Alcan to Cassiar Hwys and South

It was pretty clear this morning when we left on overnight stop.  This was part of the Alcan Hwy east of Whitehorse towards the Cassiar Hwy.DSC_0009


This was smoke and fog.  It slowed us down to about 20 MPH.DSC_0015


OK.  Is this King Dome in Yosemite or Devil’s tower in WY?  Neither, it’s just a rock up here.DSC_0017

A lunch break stop.


Then we turned south on to the Cassiar Hwy and here was our first greeting, CONSTRUCTION.DSC_0021

This is what it looked like off and on for 12 miles.  Yes, the road is narrow even with no construction.DSC_0028

Then it turned into hard packed gravel road.DSC_0029

Then a little more construction.DSC_0030

Then on down the road, a gravel road under construction road for 17 Miles.  They had a pilot vehicle for about 4 miles of it.  DSC_0031

There were fun fun spots.  We pulled over to a small lake.  This man had just caught a Northern Pike.DSC_0032

The water was crystal clear. Almost an underwater picture.  I couldn’t get Carol to go underwater and take a picture looking out.  I offered her my speedo suit too!DSC_0033

More pictures.


Then these two pictures.  I think they are so cool.


It’s one of those Kodak moments…..


Back on the road.  You might see some reflection or even bugs at times in these photos.  There were not many places to pull over.DSC_0047

We did stop at Jade City and saw this neat little European RV.  Look out USA manufactures, they are coming…DSC_0055



Carol is trying to figure what this is.  We all know it’s an old bath tub for men.DSC_0061

This place does it own mining & designing of Jade.  We were told that a lot of Jade comes from the Cassiar area.  I suggested that they put some jade in their roads.  I did walk away with a small jade moose and
Carol got a jade kitty. Both were very small ($).DSC_0063

I like eagles and moose.  I don’t have any eagles but I do have a few moose on my computer desk.  I have collected four now over the last couple of years.  Each one has a story.DSC_0068

Just another lake down the road. There is a house in the center.DSC_0075



Meanwhile back to the gravel road.DSC_0083

This is our little Honda after most of the dust blew off of it.DSC_0084


Here is where we are parked and ate dinner.  We have driven 350 miles today.  We might move a little closer to Hyder later on, now that it’s beautiful weather with blue skies .  DSC_0086

See Ya………….

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