Thursday, August 6, 2009

Stewart & Hyder 2nd Day

We got to the viewing bridge at Fish Creek at 6:30 AM and no bears.  We waited about two hours.  I took some pictures of the nearby Lagoon and a willow bush with berries.  Moose are said to really love those little red things.  No moose here though.DSC_0008



We left in search of ……?  Found this area that evidently had a bad falling out.DSC_0022

I guess it’s easier to put rocks around power poles that to dig a hole.   Or maybe it’s because they are at a base of some mountains that get a lot of snow.DSC_0031

We thought this was pretty.DSC_0047

Since we couldn’t find any bears to watch we thought we would go see Bear Glacier.  We knew it was going to wait for us.DSC_0032




These white things are chunks of ice that have fallen off the main glacier.  The glacier is in the background.DSC_0051



Then that night we decided to go back to Hyder and the viewing stand at Fish Creek.  We got there about 9 PM and one small bear was in the creek.  There was a crowd of people who acted like they never seen a bear before.  I think I should have taken their pictures.  Anyhow, I got some pictures but really didn’t like any of them.  Carol made me put this on the blog.



I will go back tomorrow and plan to arrive a little before 6 AM.  I got my place picked out since I know how the crowd & bear move. 

See Ya…….

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