Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Chp 36 Two Days before Rally

Well, Denny & Susie ORR finally found some place they could call their own.   Of course, Orrville.  Who would have thought.  It’s a nice little town close to Wooster where we are for Chp 36 Red Neck Rally this Friday thru Sunday. DSC_0002

Hello Mr Smucker.  No, it just don’t sound right.DSC_0049


Can’t leave Denny Orr and Carol alone for a moment.  Their really getting into that toilet.  Pun is intended.



Rednecks are starting to show their true colors.DSC_0071


Of course, he had a rebel flag flying above his trailer.DSC_0072


They said the dirty undies are coming out Friday and that they are working on them at present. Oh NO !DSC_0073

Carol finally got her little man that glows in the dark.  I guess I am out because I don’t glow in the dark.  I just fumble around !DSC_0094

This was only a very few people that were out. It’s 9 PM and they are talking some red neck trash for this weekend.  It’s two days before the rally and they have 31 rigs already.  They’re expecting 40 rigs to show.  Hey, it’s already a success.  Some are now expecting to go to the Gypsy Journal Rally next month and show off their red neck collection.  Hey, maybe they can go on tour and then overseas and then….who knows where these red necks can go.  Most people know where they can go! GRIN……..


Tomorrow it’s a early start to do 500 miles to Gordonsville, VA. 

See Ya………….

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