Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lethbridge, Alberta & USA

I guess the city was named after this bridge.  Good thing they didn’t name it after the dog run.  It might have been called Poo City. We left Lethbridge and went 475 miles.  We pulled over at 6 PM and it was 95 degrees out. It’s 8 PM now and it’s 88 degrees here in our special area.


Here’s the USA border.  They had a lot of trick questions for me.  Due to my vast knowledge of the Queen’s English  (what & can you speak louder) they let us back in.


There she is in all of her glory…….Yea…….


They starve the animals up here in Montana..DSC_0025

and they got some real strange ones….




I wonder how they taste compared to Elk & Caribou?



Home sweet home.  Carol likes the closed weight stations for parking overnight.  I convinced her people get real upset if we would have parked on their scales.   I guess this is one step up from Wal-Mart.DSC_0043

This is Circle, MT.  The name is bigger than the city.  This scale lot I think is the town meeting place.  Obama might show up anytime. Tomorrow we go to Roosevelt Nat Pk near Medro, ND.  We decided to stay at a Good Sam Pk w/50 AMP to run both ACs while touring the park.  You know – the AC is for the cats….

See Ya….

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