Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tok – One Last Time

I woke this morning to 35 degrees.  But we also woke up to this beautiful sight of four moose.  This was taken with the 500mm lens and a little over 3/10 of a mile away.DSC_0008

This car had stopped when the moose was on the side of the road.  The moose came out towards the car and they moved forward.  They did not realize it but her baby was on the other side and they were in between. I can hear the moose say, “What are you looking at. Get on down the road!”DSC_0026


Bet she won’t do this in LA.  Traffic was on the slow side.  Carol got up for some reason when I started the rig up.DSC_00081 

We are now in beautiful downtown Tok, the crossroads of all RVers coming into Alaska whether they want to or not.  This is looking south.DSC_0028

Turned around and this is heading north.DSC_0029 It gets to 70 degrees below zero in the winter here.  We can’t even imagine how cold that would be.  It will be in the low 70’s today and 50’s tonight.  That’s in our OK temperature zone for us sun chasers.

While here, we met the military camping club caravan.  It is lead by SKPs and good friends Terilu & Craig Christen.  They have 17 RVs in their group.  We told them of our adventures up here and half of them pulled out to go home.  NOT!  We all shared.


Yep, that’s s sod roof.  Yep he forgot where he put the lawnmower. Look real close and even you can find it.DSC_0027


This is Fast Eddy’s Restaurant.  It’s the only place to eat in town, I think.  Let me look around.  I turned in a 360 degree circle so I can now say with authority this is it.  The food is actually pretty good.  Of course, my taste buds are just about shot from my chili.DSC_0030
We washed the rig today. The wheels are shiny again.  I was going to take a picture but the glare was too much.

Tomorrow we pick up our mail and we start to move a little faster.  We are trying to get to Hyder before a predicted rain front comes in.  There goes those shiny wheels.

See Ya….

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