Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Oh No ~! New Computers…

We’ve had major computer problems (mine hacked?) the last few days or so.  We now both have new computers with Microsoft 10 and Office 2016.  It’s a monster learning curve for us.  We had major problems at first but it turned out to be Best Buy Geeks who switched our user names without telling us.  Mark has set up/transferred most files for Carol’s computer.  I’m poking along with getting my computer set up.  I finally got Office 2016 going which meant my email in Outlook is just about ready.  I down loaded Picasa.  Live Writer I’m having trouble but haven’t given up.  I finally found my Streets & Trips 2013 disc.  That I downloaded with no problems.  Next I will transfer the files for it.  The real hard spots are over.  It will all get done eventually ho hum ho hum…. but we are holding on to our old computers for now.

I got a chance to work on the 100 watt solar panels.  I installed four Z mounting brackets on each one.  I only drilled my hand one time.  I was lucky.  It was the last one.  When we get some good weather I will install them on the roof of the Class C.  After that, Mark will help me do the wiring.

Carol got some privacy curtains for our bedroom area.  That’s funny because the area isn’t that big but we now have an area to change clothes.  The bathroom would have been a struggle.  We will go out in our maiden voyage in the near future.

Our lists of “To Do” is just a little smaller.  You know the routine.  One thing scratched off and two added.  We should be just about done when it will be time to get back to visiting the USA.

See ya…..