Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Getting er Done

I moved the RV tow bar from the Winnebago to the little RV.  I carried it about 50 feet.  What a friggin mistake.  It was about 49 feet too far.  My back is so sore now.  I’m not suppose to take Ibuprofen because of my other meds.   Think I will anyhow.

Here comes the rain.  It will be raining when we leave for Betty’s in Abbeville, LA Sunday and it will rain for a couple of days while we are there.  Hey, got to learn to deal with the rain while in the little RV anyway.  I don’t think I was going to play tennis or golf while there anyhow so it won’t matter a whole bunch.

Carol noticed when she was driving the Mariner long distance that the dash was very reflective on sunny days.  We ordered a black dash cover and it came in yesterday.  It fits real good and appears to have gotten rid of the reflection from the dash to the window.  Hey, $40 bucks what a deal.

We got to take the Winnebago to an inspection station so we can get it registered for another year.  We also got to take the little RV but have more time with it.

Gas is holding at about $1.88 a gallon while diesel is at $2.04 in the local area here.  Some stations a little higher but most around those prices.

The smoker is primed and ready.  I got two pork butts marinating and will go into the smoker Thursday afternoon.

The solar panels appear to be in at the Escapees Mail Room.  I will get them after 1 PM Thursday.  They will go into the barn for now.  No rush getting them set up.

See ya………