Saturday, October 24, 2015

Pork/Rain & Computers

I pulled one of two pork butts out of the smoker (195 degrees) at about 2 PM Friday.  That’s about 22 hours in the smoker.  I wrapped it in foil then a towel then into the cooler for later.

We had a few Escapees Hq people for a small get together.  They loved the Mesquite smoke pulled pork.  It was a real nice small gathering.

The second pork came out of the smoker about 7 PM.  I wrapped it in foil then a towel and it went into the cooler.

The next morning (Sat) about 7 AM I took the last pork out of the cooler.  It was still warm.  It went into the freezer waiting for the next occasion.

After all of that we went to the Best Buy down in Houston Saturday.  We got Carol another computer.  It’s a Dell and has the same RAM and all that except the processor is an Intel 7 vice a 5 plus it had Windows 10 too.  Same price.  We went ahead and got Quicken and Office 2016.  Yes Office 2016.  We left the setup with them so they could install/update the Windows 10 and install the other programs.

Carol’s other new computer, Toshiba, seems alright for the time being.  Friday Mark dumped everything on it that we installed and put it back to the beginning.  Well, I now have added Picasa on it.  Then downloaded a few pictures with no problem.  I go on the internet with it and it worked fine.  Here’s what didn’t work before.  We moved 2003 Office files on to the computer.  Then we loaded a 2002 Office (yes 2002) and the Windows 10 couldn’t, wouldn’t process all this and the computer went bananas.  Mark said it should have worked.  So, that’s why Mark made the computer go back to it’s starting point.

I can’t find my Street’s and Trips 2013 disk to install.  Plus, I saw it two days ago and now can’t find it.  Carol’s new/old Toshiba now becomes mine and the new Dell is hers.  She’s happy so I'm happy.

It’s been raining pretty steady and heavy for the past 12 hours.  Being in an RV you can tell how hard the rain is by the loudness it makes on the roof.  It’s been very noticeable all night.  I slept thru it and Carol has/had a pretty rough time.  Houston got over 8 inches of rain overnight.

That be it for now…

See ya………..