Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What’s Going On

I just haven’t got the energy/urge to do a blog lately.  It seems like it became a chore rather than something I enjoyed doing.  My little medical stuff  just keeps getting in the way of our full timing.  We’ve been setting for longer than we want.  I don’t like blogging about setting but rather going down the road and seeing more friends and seeing the good old U.S. .  Yes, we got hitch itch. 

We'll be leaving Texas soon and heading for Maryland for a wedding we want to attend.   The docs want to see back in July and we agreed August would be OK.  Damn, Texas in August is hot and humid.  Oh well, the wheels get to turn before then.

The next blog will be in a couple of weeks when we start moving again.  I hope your interest remains the same for this exciting creative thoughtful entertaining and mostly BS blog.  There’s the BS!

If you can go out and RV……. do it before later life gets in the way.

See ya again of course… Dennis & Carol and our kitty Rainbow.DSC_0001