Sunday, April 3, 2016

Nap Time


Carol takes a shower with her clothes on…no room to undress.DSC_0003

The other day in the rain we were in the car going somewhere when I noticed the car tires were skidding and sliding.  The factory 2010 Michelin tires are done on the Mariner.  We got about 40K miles on the odometer and at least another 10K or so towing.  I thought I could get another 5K miles on the tires but it’s just not safe anymore.  We went to Discount Tire where I got the tires for the camper.  The Mariner tires were still under warranty and they gave us a $92 credit for them on a new 4 tire set of Michelins.  Out the door $670 plus we got a $70 Visa card so $600 on the charge card.  It was an expense we weren’t  expecting until late 2017.  The tires are on order and will get tem next week.

We’re at TTN Thousand Trails in Conroe, TX.  Why do campgrounds put speed limit signs up when they have no enforcement of them what so ever?  Speeders everywhere and everyone to include the staff. 

We are at a normal campground.  The weekend campers were rolling in on Friday.  The hanging lights went up, carpet on the ground, bag chairs out and the fires were started.  Hey, we use to do that years ago.  Come Sunday we watched the weekenders pack it up and leave (speeding).  Sunday night was quite again.  It really never did get loud which was nice.

See ya….