Sunday, May 1, 2016

Rock & Roll

Not yet, this Saturday we will be gone.  It’s raining some more here.  We are wet. 

Here’s how we will travel this time. 

Saturday we will travel 310 miles to Rocky Springs on the Natchez Trace Pkway.  No reservations.  It’s a little National Park with 22 sites and no hook ups.  We haven’t stayed there but we know people who have.  No cost.

Sunday we will travel 330+ miles to… .. will have no plans.  Maybe a Cracker  Barrel or a Walmart.

Monday we will travel about 200 miles to a Thousand Trails (TTN) in Fairplay SC.  Reservations made, free being a member of TTN.

Tuesday we will travel about 200 miles to another Thousand Trails at Forest Lake in NC.  Reservations made.

Wednesday we will go about 150 miles to the Thousand Trails park in Lynchburg, VA.  Reservations made.

Thursday we will go about 150 miles to a Coast to Coast in Fredericksburg, VA.  Cost is $10? to a member.  We reserved a week.  We want to see our Grandson while there.  We will pick up our Son when we leave for Columbia, MD the following Thursday.

A week later we go 100 miles North to Carol’s brother’s Steven in Columbia, MD.  He has a full hook up for us next to his garage…nice.   Cost – some beer.  We will be there for about a week and then head for WV with a stop back in VA for a day or two.

In WV we will be at a very private small campground on top of a hill in the woods away from everything.  It’s so quiet, how quiet is it?  That you have to tell the squirrels to close their mouth while they chew, too noisy.  We will put the jacks down and the sat dish up.  It has six full hook ups.  Our site will have 50 AMP.  We might skirt out but will be there until just before the Escapade the end of July.

Yes, we will be in the big RV (37’ Journey), our home.  The little camper (25’ class c) awaits our return in TX.

See ya…..