Monday, May 16, 2016

Portable Satellite Location

Where would one put a portable satellite dish? Our neighbor, two sites down, arrived today and after hooking everything up/leveling then went for the sat dish pointing.  He must have had one of those special permission cards that says he can set it up anywhere even in another site.  He ended up one row behind him and another two sites down.  I need to get one of those cards he evidently has that says he can put his satellite dish anywhere he wants.  Come on people.  If receiving TV is that important then it should be on your list to check reception right after checking electric power.  Don’t put your dish in any site besides your own.  It’s just called common sense and respect for others area.

This was our entertainment for the day during this cool day (60s slight wind).

Just another normal day RVing…. just relaxing before we head north into the crowd of relatives Wednesday.  It will be fun for sure, always is.

See ya….