Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Almost Made It - blah blah blah

We needed to switch RVs around so the little RV would be under the RV Port.  Plus the Sat TV cables I previously screwed up when the big RV was under the carport needed to be redone.   I tried to hook up the cable from a portable sat dome to the RV.  Old technology met new technology and it didn’t work.  Now the cables were all screwed up inside the RV.  Well, I challenged Mark to try and fix the wiring of the cables.  I had every TV cable in the coach undone and couldn’t figure out how to rewire for the RV’s roof sat (SK SWM Slimline -3 dish).  It took him over an hour and everything was rewired and working and even better than before.  Outstanding and unbelievable.  Now I had to drive the big RV around the block and set it behind the mobile temporary.  I wanted to power wash the RV Port and then put the little camper inside under the roof of the RV Port while we are gone.  I actually made it around the block except for one minor detail.  The roof sat dish didn’t make it but it ALMOST did.  It hit a low telephone line.  A heavy duty one of course that runs across the end of our street.  BAM….. The sat dish was not lowered properly and the telephone cable grabbed it.  It tore the metal part of the arm extension to where it was not usable at all.  Hey, it really could have been a lot worse.

I didn’t get mad for my stupide mistake.  Hey, if I got mad at everything I do wrong I would be a pretty angry person.  I called the telephone company to complain about the low line.  I got a recording so I left a message.  I called Wingard to get the parts for the sat dish.  It was after hours and got a recording so I sent an email.  We’re leaving here Saturday so not enough time to get anything shipped here assuming the part can be had.  Problem one.  Next is that we have no TV.  Problem two.  Could use the portable sat dome but it won’t work with the RV’s new technology.  Bring another old TV and run the cables thru the window.  Problem resolved – kinda.

Problem three.  I get a call from my Dr office during all this saying that Medicare says I don’t qualify for a CPAC (?) breathing machine because my test results are too low.  Duh, I’ve been telling these people that have been testing me that I don’t have a sleep disorder.  It’s called an allergy and sometimes it’s hard to sleep 6-8 hours straight.  Plus, I was tested during high pollen, duh.  Their still gonna try and get me a machine.  They got until Saturday because we are out of here.

Problem four.  I’ve been on my kinda of diet and have lost about 6-7 lbs in the last week.  I’m at 197 lbs but have to lose more.  I was up to about 225 lbs back in Nov/Dec until I got sick.  I got down to 194 lbs but then went back up to about 205 since then.  I need to get down into the 180’s.  I haven’t been there in over two decades at least.  I got fat pants and skinny pants.  I sound like some women.  Oh no, now I sound like Donald Trump.  We shall see how we both do.

I got two RV’s to wash and finish up packing/rearranging.  Got to make room for an extra TV and a portable sat dome underneath.  Then power wash the RV Port and put the little camper under it.  Then I have to set it up for at least 3 months storage.  You know,  unhook the batteries and then hook them up to a battery tender and fill the gas tank up, treat the fuel and that kind of stuff.  Then put the mobile in storage like turning off the water and adjusting the AC for the summer.  Around here it’s better to have the AC on a little bit or we could back to mold.  No thanks.

BLAH BLAH…….no big deal…..

See, if we were on the road I wouldn’t be telling you all this BS.  It’s coming…. no we’re going.

Oh I’m having a hard time waiting for 2017… Alaska.

See ya if we can get going……