Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Tuesday…. We (Carol & I) are by ourselves in Carol’s brother’s campground in the hills of West Virginia.  Everybody went home yesterday. 

The internet connection is very slow here in the mountains especially adding pictures.   I guess it’s the squirrels.

We moved the RV forward in our site due to the soft ground and leveling was difficult.  We moved up about 7 feet along with firmer ground.  Plus I used some long and tall leveling blocks.  We are level. 

Then it was TV sat dish time.  Nope.  Just because we are in the woods shouldn’t it still find the satellite?  Nope is the answer of course.  Plus we are changing from an older portable ground automatic dish to a roof full automatic and dual tuner with slimline.  Oh yea, I forgot to mention that Winegard Dish sent me some more parts.  I installed them without too much problem.  I got a big rubber mallet that I had to use to fine tune and make things fit.  Anyhow, about 5-6 hours the TV wasn’t working.  I got into the receiver set up and the dish setup.  Change this and change that.  No luck.

Now this morning (Wed) I did some more changing and was going for broke with the electronic settings.  Finally after 2 hours it’s operational.  The screen shows HD channels but will not receive them.  I will work on that later. 

Going for a drive….

See ya.