Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Bob Who ?

TUESDAY Carol wanted to go to Bob Evans for breakfast.  Why not, I’m only trying to lose 20 more lbs.  I know, this a test to see how much temptation it takes for me to excuse myself from the diet.  Like I say, “It’s not a diet.  I’m cutting back.  Pass the beef please.”

After Bob Evans we went to downtown historic Fredericksburg, VA.  Yes, it was a hard drizzle and too early for stores being it was 8:30 AM.

In the mean time we found two beer breweries. Both were still in the process of opening their new places.  Oh well back to town.  The stores were now open and the rain was now wet.  We went into several antique shops just looking around.  They aren’t what I an antiques.  More like some old stuff with high prices.  We went back to the rig and vegetated for the remainder of the day.

WEDNESDAY…We got 100 miles to do and right thru/around Washington D.C..  This is a dreaded must do route.  We went and got our son Kraig and headed North about 9 AM.  It was the best drive we ever had going this way, I-95 North.  I was totally surprised to no slowing down and going faster that the speed limit and all that stuff.  10 miles from our destination it happened.  Road construction with a lane closed.  After 10 minutes of stop and go we’re off and running.  A very nice trip.

Now here’s something to write home about.  We left Texas around 1,400 miles ago in and around all the rain.  The days that we drove it didn’t rain.  Oh there were some drizzle days but no hard rain.  The same was for our drive up to Baltimore.  Now when we stop it usually started to rain.  It’s usually the other way around.

We set up next to Carol’s brother’s garage.  I had the new roof sat dish arm mailed here and it was here.  Looks like the right part.  That’s for another day.  I threw out the portable sat dome and within minutes we had Direct TV.

Butch & Kathy Ford came over in the evening.  We sat around and solved most of the world problems.  We will let Trump fixed the rest.

See ya……