Saturday, May 14, 2016

Visit The Grandchild & kids

Today was an easy day like most days of RVing.  I got up at 6 and Carol up at 7 AM. 

That damn CPAP machine is really putting a cramp on my sleeping.  I put it aside earlier this morning about 2:30 AM.  I had a hard time breathing with it.  Now my eyes are all watery, nose stuffed up and all because of this machine that’s helping me?  I looked into a crystal ball and I see in the future it won’t be around.  blah blah blah…..

We went to see the grand kids.  Our son has one son and is no longer associates with his ex-wife .…so forth and so on…..

We arrived and the adventure began… DSCN1198

The small brown picnic table we brought from Texas.  It’s just right for the kids.DSCN1200DSCN1202We went to McDonald’s that had a playground.  That was interesting and fun.  They loved happy meals and the playground.  Next they wanted to go to the Dollar Store.  That was an adventure with three kids going directly to the toy area.  They have been there before.

Then they wanted to go back home and show us their 6 new kitties. DSCN1203

Eddy got right into his Lego toy that he really liked.DSCN1204DSCN1205

Three kids and they just about wore us out.  I guess we’re officially old now.

This was our home that we sold in 2000 before we started to full time RV.  Don’t look like that they added any landscaping or anything for that matter.  We lived here I think for about 7 years maybe.DSCN1206

We went back to our home the RV.  We even sat outside along with the cat in her cat tent.  Then it started to rain so we put the awning out and stayed out a little longer.   It was nice to be back in the piece and quiet with no hustle bustle of society.

See ya……..