Friday, May 6, 2016

One Step At A Time

The ladder is ready.  I carry another small 3’ ladder so I can get the 6’ step ladder on the RV ladder.  It just doesn’t sound right.DSCN1177

The Harley has a trickle charger on it.  Thinking about selling it and getting a BMW.DSCN1178

This is part of a picnic table that was made for traveling in that it comes apart very easy.  It wouldn’t fit in the RV.  I had already loaded the RV and didn’t want to take everything out.DSCN1179

Here’s the rest of it.DSCN1180

I took off the tow bar off the little camper when it was parked in the same spot as the big RV is now.  Now I just carried it from the side of the driveway to the big RV when I moved it here instead of carrying the hitch 50+ feet.  It’s heavy.  Move RV’s not heavy hitches!DSCN1181

We had gotten everything loaded and ready to pull out so we then went over Mark’s for dinner.  We had Margareta’s  and IPA beer.  Oh yea, he fixed some real nice fajitas too.  Here’s Mark – trying to impersonate an elephant.DSCN1183

Oh yea, my new CPAC machine was delivered today.  They wanted $36 for a compliance fee.  I said no and take the machine back.  They waived the fee.  Stupid made up fee.

At this moment it’s Saturday morning and we are just about ready to pull out.  Maybe no internet later tonight.

See ya…