Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday the 13th

I woke up about 6 AM this morning.  You know I’m trying out a CPAP machine.  So far I’m losing about  1 to 2 hours of sleep each night AND don’t feel any different.  I’m suppose to be able to go on line and check my sleep data each day.  Well, I tried today and couldn’t do it.  I called the outfit that brought me the machine and charged Medicare  $1,012.50.  They said they couldn’t help.  I called the manufacture who said to contact my supplier.  Backed to square one.  I called my Dr Sleepy’s office who is handling everything in my case.  The lady said she would make contact with who ever is suppose to make it happen and personally call me with a walk thru on line.  I guess she felt I was looking for an excuse to stop using the CPAC.  She’s right.  No call by close of business!

I moved the portable sat dome over a dozen times yesterday.  We had some openings to shoot thru the trees but I couldn’t set the dome to see it.  I tried and tried.  Today I started to try again.  Why not?  It was more of a challenge to receive TV than watching it which is good.   Then it started to drizzle hard.  I even thought about getting on the roof.  I was going to but the ladder wouldn’t meet up with the RV ladder.DSC_0002-001 

Then it happened and it was Friday the 13th.  TV…..!DSC_0001

I turned the car around because of the ditch.  When setting in the car headed the other direction you can’t see the ditch.  It would be very easy to take off and forget about the ditch.  I turned the car around so we wouldn’t do it.DSC_0011

We stayed home and didn’t even go out very much.  The sun poked out every once in awhile later in the day.

I carried the cat out and walked around in the drizzle.  When we went in she took a bath and to sleep in her home.DSC_0004-001

See ya………..