Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Getting Ur Done

Another day gone.  I ordered the part that I broke on the roof sat dish.  How does $172.52 sound?  Very high for the little part I needed.  Wingard don’t sell small parts like that.  I had to buy the entire arm minus the LNB.  What a rip!  It’s being sent to Baltimore where we will be in about 2 weeks.

While I was talking to the Wingard guy I asked him how to set up the portable sat dome without undoing a lot of cables inside the RV.  He really helped me there.  It’s now set up without disconnecting the cables for the roof HD sat dish.  We’re non HD now and the old cable thru the window routine is fine.  It’s like back in the old days.  I still have cables coming out of and behind the walls in and around the entertainment area and above the front window.  I got to get that stuff jammed back behind the walls.

I power washed the cement slab.  It really didn’t get up the stains like I thought it would.  It is clean.  Then I drove the little camper down to the gas station to fill up the gas tank for storage.  Plus I added Stabil and ran the generator.  They raised the price of gas 10 cents a gallon over night and didn’t even ask me.  It took on 40 gallons into the 55 gallon tank.  Towing a car and full of water it got 8.7 MPG.  It will go up when we head up north without the car in 2017.  I got back and power washed the roof of the camper then the rest of the rig and awning.  The roof and awning really needed it.  Now I will let the awning dry out before rolling it up. Tomorrow the camper goes under the roof and I will start getting the batteries ready for storage.

We went and had lunch with my Mom since we will leave before Mother’s Day.  She’s doing OK.  She loves working on her potted plants.  We brought her two new ones that she can work on.  If you didn’t know she’s in an assisted living home in Woodbridge about 40 miles from Livingston.  She no longer can use her walker and rides her electric chair wherever she goes.  I think she liked that chair a lot as soon as she hit the go button.

I’ve been asked why I don’t post many pictures anymore.  I’m lazy….but will start up again real soon.

I called my Dr Sleepy’s office.  The nurse asked me a bunch more sleep questions of which resulted in no changes to the physical test.  That means Medicare says I don’t meet the requirements for a CPAC thing.  That’s fine for me.  I told them I’m leaving this Saturday with or without the machine.  She said she would work on it and I’m suppose to call back tomorrow.  I’m getting tired of calling them.  I think tomorrow will be my last call.  Oh, got the copy of the bill for the sleep tests (2).  Over $1,000.  What a waist of Medicare money I feel.

Thursday it’s balls to walls to get everything done so Friday can be a finishing up with the small stuff day.

See ya…..