Thursday, May 12, 2016

What Time Is It Kids

No it’s not Howdy Doody Time.  It’s my birthday and I’m 68 years old but only in body.  Howdy Doody was a kids TV show from 1947-1960.  They would always start the show by asking, “ What Time Is It Kids?”.  Carol says I act like a 10 year old most of the time.  I say, hey, she married me.

We left late this morning compared to the other last few days.  We left about 8:30 AM.  Our first stop was Cracker Barrel up the road in Lynchburg.  We get a good big breakfast and split it.  It really is enough for two normal people, not Escapees.  We usually spend a night at their restaurant.  Some have RV parking in the back like this.  Yes, about a 40 footer without a tow.  We usually park as far as possible on their lot with no problems.  We’ve been doing this for decades.  Our good friends Butch & Kathy Ford introduced us to this of parking at Cracker Barrel.  Cracker Barrel even has maps inside next to their registers of all their restaurants.  How neat.  We left about 10 AM.DSC_0003

We had 140 miles to go today and we can’t check in until after 2 PM.  The park we are going to has had this RULE for years.  We traveled up route 29 which we haven’t been on for years.  The road is great and highly recommend it if you want that nice smooth road in the country.  Here’s a sign that some of you might not see to often.DSC_0002

Overcast again today.  Or if you were on the west coast (LA) I call it smog and it is.DSC_0005DSC_0006

We stopped along the way and got diesel for $1.99.  We arrived at the park at 2 PM of course. It’s a Coast to Coast (C2C) membership park here in VA which means $10 a night.  For information we pay $29 a year to our home park in TN and I think $79 a year to Coast to Coast.  Now all of their (C2C) campgrounds (400 or so) are $10 a night via the internet.  Some of the parks add on a amenity fee for anything they can think of.  That’s usually in the $3-5 range if they charge.  This park doesn’t. DSC_0007

Carol told them she would like a sight in the woods while checking in.DSC_0010That was a little too much in the woods (undeveloped) for us. 

We got this sight with FHU (30 amp).  Just don’t walk more than 3 feet on the side of your yard or you will roll down a hill.  We have no neighbors again and again we are way back into the park.  The portable sat dome can’t find a satellite.DSC_0011

Next was to Popeye's about 6 miles down the road for a early dinner.  Hey, it’s my birthday and I wanted some good spicy chicken.  Carol walked next door to the Taco Bell.  We got our stuff and headed back home. 

After feasting we watched a DVD movie and went to bed.

Thanks you all that already knew it was my birthday and sent wishes.  Carol put it on Facebook.

See ya………