Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Quieter For Sure

We pulled out about 8:30 AM with 160 miles to go.  I’m starting to like these short trips……oh no.  Our entrance step wouldn’t make up its mind whether to stay in or go out going down the road.  Back and forth.  I stopped and put some WD 40 on the contacts.DSC_0026  Continued down the road and that didn’t work.  Stopped again and used electrical cleaner spray.  It worked.

The weather has been OK. DSC_0020DSC_0021 It was suppose to rain the day we left Saturday.  It didn’t.  It was suppose to rain everyday were we stopped Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  Today, Wednesday was suppose to rain on our parade but all we got was a very light drizzle going down the road. 

Here we are near Lynchburg at another Thousand Trails membership park.  FHU 30 AMP.DSC_0023 

Here we are in our site looking out our front window.  I think we had two vehicles come by all day.DSC_0024

They had nice shower/bathrooms right behind us.  We didn’t use them because we got our own.DSC_0025DSC_0027

Carol wanted to do the laundry so I hooked up the sewer and water. 

Carol’s brother Steven would be proud us .  Years and years ago said when you get to a park look for a site near electrical boxes.  Better electricity the closer you are.  So we did this time by accident.DSC_0028

This campground looked as if it was really hammered the last week or so with rain.  We went all the way in the back of the park and it’s nice.   Very few people and none around us.  Temp is about 70 degrees with heavy overcast. 

Local TV had a few channels so we didn’t set out the portable satellite.

It’s so quiet here that we can here the squirrels passing wind.

May 12 is my birthday….send money

See ya Ed & Denny…and other guys & gals…….