Thursday, May 19, 2016

$50 Bucks!/MCD/Winegard

After the Escapade we were gonna go to a chapter rally over near Bangor, Maine.  I had a hard time getting information about the rally but finally got it.  They wanted $5o a couple for the chapter’s rally fee.  Then the campground was $28 a night for water/electric.  They were out of the full hook ups for the SAME price.  This is a rally not a show.   Screw that rally.    Let those people who pay too much for stuff go to that rally.  I heard things like,  “for the fun, it’s not that expensive.”  It is when it’s an Escapade chapter rally and most expensive single chapter rally by far we know of.

Anyhow, today I dealt with MCD shade company and Winegard sat company.  Our front MCD solar shade wasn’t working electrically.  I called them and they walked me thru the reprogram aspects.  It’s now working fine. 

Next was Winegard.  They sent me the wrong friggin $175 part.  This part will not bolt up to the dish.  Plus the updated replaced parts are not interchangeable with most of my parts.Sat dish 7I called them and HAD to leave a message.  Four hours later I called them again and left another message.  I sent them two emails with pictures of their part and my part.  Finally I get an email response.  Yes, they acknowledged they sent the wrong part and will send out the correct one and at no cost to me.  I guess friggin NOT.

Next was to take out the 12” receiver extension on the hitch.  It drags too much being too long.  This is a pic with it in.DSC_0002

Look at this cat.  It has a whole bunch of nice soft places to sleep.  It sleeps on top of a hard cardboard box.  I guess she has more than enough padding.DSC_0013

Then it was time to give Steven a sign that Sandy Kruty made for his campground.DSC_0012DSC_0010DSC_0011

Sandy, he really liked it and says thank you. Oh by the way did you get our reservation request for Jan-Feb 2017 for a pull thru site??????  Your not answering our emails?????  Are you off the grid?

See ya………