Thursday, May 26, 2016

Burnt Spam–Yum Yum

I don’t cook Spam the normal way.  I normally cook my Spam to where it is burnt.DSC_0001

See this little bit of meat in the center, I had to cook it a little bit more to get that pink out.  They will be black and crispy when I cook them.DSC_0002

Here’s our light for the screen room.   It’s really not that big of a light but shines away.DSC_0003

Here’s a comparison.  It’s to the right!DSC_0004

Looking out from our site.DSC_0008

Here’s the driveway up to the campground.DSC_0018

Turn around and there’s the campground.DSC_0012

Here comes Butch & Kathy Ford.  We all went to Alaska in 2014 and will again in 2017DSC_0025DSC_0026

They got all settled in while Carol & I made dinner for them.  Coming here and having dinner made for you – priceless.  We had smoked pulled pork on onion rolls, cole slaw and green beans.  It was good.

We sat in the fly tent for awhile then we moved to our front porch and had many laughs and beer.  I stayed up past my bed time.  All is quiet and well.

See ya….