Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Here & There

We got up slow today.  How about 7 AM for me.  Damn, I overslept again.  You know, it really just don’t matter.  If I get up early, I get up early.  If I get up later, I get up later.  Seems like I’m getting up later that I did just a year ago.  I’m still fighting the CPAP machine and losing sleep.  Blah blah.

We are going to take our son Kraig back to his home in Fredericksburg, VA about 100 miles south.  It’s thru D.C. which isn’t fun.  We will decide then if we will than head northwest to Steven’s family campground about 125 miles OR boone it.

The trip thru D.C. wasn’t too bad. DSC_0003 We dropped Kraig off and decided to go on to Steven’s campground 125 miles more.  It wasn’t even noon yet.


We arrived.  Our site was a little soft from all the rain.  We sunk down about 4 inches.  Our jacks I put some shale under our 4 inches of board and it was still a job.

First try…… Steven – bring stiff rakes.DSC_0013

The jacks are down and the tire is up.DSC_0014

It will be OK as long as it don’t rain like hell again.

More pictures tomorrow.  The internet is slow.  I’m gonna have to complain to the management.

See ya….