Thursday, May 5, 2016


I started the day off by getting up at 6 AM vice my 4 AM.  Had a cup of coffee while a little electric heater ran on my feet.  Hey, it was 60 degrees outside and 68 inside and I my feet were cold (tile floor) ..why not use the heater.

I started off by washing the front windshield of the rig  since it’s really not dirty just dusty.  Then I cleaned my shiny wheels of course.

Next was to get the roof sat dish stored down  when it’s apart.  That was entertaining.  You can see the twisted metal in the middle of the picture.  Part of the metal was broke off too.  Non-repairable without the replacement extension for sure.DSCN1159

Next was to wash the roof.  Then washed the five solar panels real good since we will be using them real soon.DSCN1160

Next was to roll up the awning of the little camper and put it under the RV Port.  I washed it yesterday and it was dry now this morning.DSCN1163

Then I did the battery storage thing.  I will check the voltage tomorrow to make sure it’s alright.DSCN1171

Next was La Colonia Mexican restaurant for lunch with the guys from Escapees Hq.  This was the last Thursday lunch with them for months.  Fun as always and a nice little crowd

Next was to put the camper under the RV Port.  It really looks small.DSCN1169

Plus all the tires are on floor mats to make sure the tires aren’t in contact with the cement.  The cement will absorb the good stuff out of the tires if they set too long on cement.DSCN1170

We let the cat loose on the porch ever once in a while so she can hunt for lizards.DSCN1166

Here’s the mess I got into trying to hook up the portable sat dome.  Mark finally got it figured out.  Now I have to put it all back inside the cabinets. DSCN1173DSCN1174DSCN1175

Last but not least my honey.  I got her a carton of Fuzzy Naval and a dozen yellow roses.  I really need a lot of brownie points.  I think I got some……….. brownie points!DSCN1167

See ya…..