Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dog’s Day

Or should I say a Cat’s Day.DSCN1105 DSCN1107 DSCN1109

The temps got over 100 degrees again today and we had trouble with the voltage coming in.  One line of two lines coming in would get down to 103 volts and then the rig would shut our electric off and switch to the inverter.  You can’t run AC’s on the inverter.  Finally I decided to hook up the autoformer (voltage booster) to the one bad line coming in.  Now the voltage is about 110 at 20 AMPS on each line (2).  We got the inside of the coach down to a cool 79 degrees with two AC’s running.  Not bad considering the outside temp of over 100.

I noticed the radiator outside cover had come lose and that was a quick fix with a power drill.  Love my little Bosch drill.

A 2007 42’ Phaeton came rolling in.  After they set up and was cleaning the outside I couldn’t resist and went over.  We talked for about an hour or so.  He has been getting about 7 MPG with his 350 Cummins (non smog) and had about 40K miles on it.  I don’t feel too bad getting 6.5 or so.  I did most of the listening.  I know that’s unusual for me.  I did notice that his large slide on the driver side was starting to tear on the bottom corner and informed him of such.  We had the same problem as did Sharon & Don on their Farton.  He was glad I caught that and thanked me.  That was nice.  They have been full timing for about 5 years and had bought their Farton new.  Why do I call Phaetons Farton.  It rhymes and ours was always doing something that it shouldn’t be doing and at the wrong time – thus Farton.

Tomorrow we pick up mail, go over a friends for a cook out, do a Wal-mart stop and get a call from Newmar about our roof.  Newmar is suppose to let me know how they want to work this roof problem.  Too me it’s simple.  Since they screwed up, they pay for our expenses and replace the roof.  What’s the problem?  It’s the expenses that they will gag on but we shall see.

We sat outside with Jon & Sue in the evening for a couple of hours.  The sun went down and so does the temps.  All is good.

See ya…..