Saturday, September 22, 2012

Departures & Fried Catfish

People were leaving this morning so “see ya’s” were in order.DSCN1190 DSCN1193


Then for lunch Jack & Nell did some cooking.  Jack fired up his cast irons pots and dropped in about 30 lbs of breaded catfish.  The hell with my diet I love fried catfish and Jack’s was top notch.  I ate more catfish than anyone else, maybe double.  Here’s Jack.DSCN1197

Here are the people that are familiar with Jack’s cooking.DSCN1200

Other food stuff…….DSCN1202

Later we sat out at Jerry’s place and had some liquid dinner.  Just another good day except my pants are getting tighter.

We are starting to think were to go from here before Newmar in Nappanee, IN.  Can anyone recommend cabinet makers in that area?

See ya…..