Friday, September 28, 2012

Full Timing In Different Directions

It was sprinkling this morning when we got up.   But the weatherman said no chance here.  Dog on it.

Carol & I went to Denny’s for breakfast this morning.  Cracker Barrel is her favorite breakfast chain place and she loves their coffee.  Her favorite coffee is at McDonald’s.  I like it when the senior price is only 50 cents there.  McDonald’s has different prices for their senior coffee and some don’t even have it.  Anyhow Denny’s flunked this morning.  They’re Belgian waffle wasn’t cooked the first time round.   DSCN1228 The replacement didn’t taste like a Belgian waffle and not even like a waffle.  It tasted more like a corn muffin.  So they didn’t charge her for that mess up or the egg and bacon that she ate that came with it.

My $2 biscuit & gravy with an egg was fine.  DSCN1227Total bill was $4 with Carol’s tea.  Yes we tipped the waitress ($2).

On the way there Carol noticed the trees are starting to change.DSCN1235

We got back and it stopped sprinkling.  I cancelled our Passport America reservations up in Fernley, NV for Late October where Walt & Kellie Gunn are working for Amazon. We were suppose to be there early October. Sorry guys but had to get this roof on our heads fixed AGAIN! See ya in January. That’s twice we stood them up. We were going to see them in Gillette, WY in July but ended up being co hosts with Ed & Sandy for the Escapees Outdoor Hop in Hatch, UT. We also cancelled out of being on the Escapade staff due to our daughter’s graduation in CA. This is becoming our norm of changing our schedule. I think they call it roaming around like in Full Timing RVing.  Full timers are sometimes going in different directions and don’t know it.

My firggin wiper replacements (Tiffin) are a pain in the butt. I had to cut  a notch smaller so they would stay on. I got a better idea. I won’t drive in the rain! I finally fixed them with a file, wire cutter and pliers and 15 minutes of my valuable time…smile.

Across from us is a little finger pond.   A finger pond is one that attaches to other ponds then to a big one.  I just made that up and it sounds pretty good.DSCN1239

I wiped the coach down a little bit but not the Jeep.DSCN1240

Here’s what’s dropping on our coach at night with a slight wind.  Hey, they’re not coconuts.DSCN1241 

303 Aerospace really brightens tail lights for a month or so. DSCN1244

We rather hook up in cool evening weather if possible rather in the morning cold.  Here's the boss checking my work.  She can hook it up all by herself and does often.DSCN1242

I grilled and we sat out and ate.DSCN1245


Then we sat out at our lazy fire pit (LP).DSCN1246

Tomorrow is Newmar Day.  I think it’s about 185 miles and we are going the short route – no Interstates.

See ya.