Thursday, September 6, 2012


First………last month we had 9,212 views of this blog.  Wow, we haven’t been up there in that number since last year.  I shut down the blog the end of the year 2011 and that’s the number we were averaging.  Since we brought the blog back up we haven’t hit our old numbers until now.  Thank you for taking a few minutes out of your day to read this blog.  Share it with others by all means.  It keeps me looking for new things to write about and take pictures of.  Usually I don’t have to go looking for stuff as you all know.

We’re starting to have problems with our new roof installed by Newmar in May.  NO LEAKS though!  We are emailing back and forth and I’ve sent pictures.  They say they will stand behind it and repair it.  If they do the job right in the first place I wouldn’t be going thru all this po.  Poor workmanship…sound familiar. Tiffin was the same way for us.  Guess I expect to get what I pay for.  It’s getting old with Newmar.  Here’s the game.  Newmar says take it anywhere to get it repaired.  Just have the repair facility call them first.  OK.  Here is what happens next.  IF the repair facility’s work turns out not to be the greatest in a few months due to the original bad work by Newmar, Newmar will say, “see them, not us!”  Here’s the catch.  Newmar will authorize to do only so much work and at a certain price so that puts the repair facility behind the 8 ball of only what is absolutely necessary and not what should be.  If I take it to Newmar from Texas it will cost us about $1,500 in fuel.  Now what?  Stay tuned.

Our friends Jon & Sue Glick arrived today.  They will be here for 3 weeks.  DSCN1082 DSCN1083 Welcome back.  They were here a couple of weeks ago working on some local family matters and had to return again.  Jon & Sue are planning to go to Alaska with us in 2014.

We then got a call from Gary & Mary Olson who were passing thru the area.  Or was that the Wilson’s. Sure – stop on by and they did.  They went to Alaska with us last year and we are still friends!DSCN1088

We all talked for hours to include Alaska.  Gary & Mary are planning to go again and Jon & Sue (newbies to Alaska) are planning to go.  This was the first unofficial meeting of the Loosey Goosey Gang.  I think we will have the first official unofficial gathering in Quartzsite this coming January. We should just about have about all those that have said they are tentatively going to Alaska there in Quartzsite.  Today was neat and then will be neat too.

See ya…..