Friday, September 21, 2012

Another Day In Paradise

We moved over to the fairgrounds with the rest of the Escapees this morning (Friday).  The Escapade ended Thursday evening.  There are still a lot of people here.  For $25 a night with full hook up is a good deal anymore. 

I went over to the Escapees temporary weigh station to help but they had plenty.  Mark asked me to take some pictures of them weighing RVs.  No problem.  Since he did not say how many I took over two hundred and gave him the photo card.  Now he can sort through them and decided.

We went to Wal-Mart to replace a wall clock that has taken one to many drops.  Just so happens Wal-Mart still carried the same clock that we like for $30.  We installed the batteries and waited and it did everything automatic to include the clock.  It has an outside sensor too.  I have had a habit in the past of running over the sensors or leaving them behind.

We have met so many friends over the past couple of days and now even more since we have moved in amongst fellow Escapees.  Most we know and some were new.  They are all great.

We sat out with the Margarita gang in the evening.  It’s called the Margarita gang because Jerry & Joann make Margaritas for a bunch of people.  They have been doing this for many many years.  It was fun by all I think.

See ya……