Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Temps Will Be Rising

We will be going to Visalia/Fresno area later this week.  The temps are in the mid to upper 90’s.  Plus we won’t have 50 AMP hook ups. I know I know it’s dry heat.  then we might have to go down to Congress, AZ and that is the same.  Here in Acton, CA it was over 100 degrees but since we got two 30 AMP hooks ups now it’s been in the high 80’s with a slight breeze.  We can keep the inside of the Beast in the 70’s which is real nice.  We’ve been spending more time sitting outside than we have in the last couple of weeks.  That’s real nice.  Jon made some outstanding salsa yesterday for our little sit outside time.  I will have to try and duplicate for later use.

Carol & I walked a total of two hours yesterday.  I’m trying to get into the 180’s weight wise.  I’ve been hovering between 191 and 193 for awhile now.  I’ve lost about 30 lbs since April.  This 190 is my wall again.  185 has been my new goal but I’m struggling again to get there.  I want to hit 180 before November when I see the Doc again.  I want to get off some of these meds I’m on. 

Duck meals are getting old.  You ask about a duck meal!?  A duck meal is slang for when you duck in one door and then immediately duck out the exit door without eating.

Here’s my lunch.  All veggies on the grill.DSCN1102

See ya…..