Saturday, September 15, 2012

Travel Day ?

Yes,  we traveled to the Jeep dealer.  Last night coming back from Kristy’s graduation the Jeep started making a lot of noise coming from the right front.  I took a rubber mallet to the brake and anything around it and that didn’t help.  Today at 7:30 AM I was at the same dealer we got the oil change at to check it out.  They heard me coming too.  The service writer & me agreed it was probably a rock.  It turned out to be just that.  I got back to the Elks and Carol had the Beast all ready.  We hooked up and left after a dump.  Just up the road we stopped and got fuel for $4.39 cash.  That’s pretty good for around here in California. 

Along the way here’s a Dollar truck that needs a lot of dollars.  It looked like he hit a side rail and opened up his truck & trailer on the other side.  Po was all over this place and traffic was really tied up. DSCN1143

We got to Fresno I filled up the Jeep with gas at $3.99. Here we are at my cousin’s (Dave) place.DSCN1144 DSCN1146

Our daughter and Dave’s daughter stay in this mobile on the back of his lot.DSCN1147 DSCN1148

DSCN1150 DSCN1151 DSCN1152


Here are Kristy and me prepping a pork butt.  I’ve never cooked one in the oven.  This should be interesting.  Dave’s daughter is to the left.DSCN1155

This is a pit bull in a weiner dog’s body….really.DSCN1158


I left our outside temp sensor in Sedalia.  We don’t have electric hook up and it’s getting a little toasty inside.DSCN1161

We started the generator when it hit 95 degrees inside the rig.  We ended up running it for about 8 hours. 

More pics…

Dave and his favorite dog.DSCN1162


Dave’s  daughter Charlie and ours Kristy.  Charlie doesn’t like her picture taken so I snuck this one.  It would have better if she let me take it.  She looks like a duh………… DSCN1167

Dave trying to teach his grand daughter to hold a fork.DSCN1180

Well, it got pretty hot here in Fresno today and that’s why we are heading for the mountains tomorrow, probably Yosemite.  We need to get away from this heat.  We don’t care how dry it is.

See ya.