Thursday, September 13, 2012

Walking Again

We were up early and took a walk.  All of this area is new to us so we enjoyed it a lot.  We walked two miles, yes two miles and one way.  Stopped at a Denny’s and had breakfast then walked the two miles back – oh yes we did.  The RV park in Acton was getting old to walk but it was OK seeing the different camp sites even interesting to see the slummers (trashers) encampments.  Here it’s more into watching out for cars and seeing houses as we went along.DSCN1136


We’ve never seen something like this before.DSCN1137

How about a drive thru ice cream place.DSCN1138

Here’s are site here at Visalia.DSCN1139  

Later on we got an RV on each side of us with a site in between us and them on each side.  I guess the magnets fell off.  Usually they park right next to us when there are sites all over the place.

Temperature.  107 today at our site.  The front tires were at 140 degrees, the light tan color of the RV was around 160 and the dark tan was in the 170 degrees. 

When the temps cooled down at sunset I got on the roof and wiped down the overlap.  The overlap is the curve from the roof to the sidewall.  The roof has a lot of dust on it and the condensation from the ACs run down the side of the RV.  This 50 AMP electricity is very strong.  We turn off the frig and hot water and we can run 3 AC's if we want.  The voltage doesn’t drop below 115 volts with us running about 26-28 AMPS on each line.  when you hook up to a 50 AMP line you are suppose to have two 30 AMP lines if it is wired correctly.  This place is wired the right way.

Our Jeep has 3,000 miles on the odometer.  The manual calls for an oil change.  I tried to get our Jeep oil changed at Wal-Mart but they didn’t have any filters for the 2012 Jeep Wrangler yet.  They had them for other 2012 Jeep models.  Something changed on the 2012 Jeep engine evidently.   Pep Boys had the filter but for $5 more I can get it done at a Jeep dealer.  I feel more comfortable at a Jeep dealer.  I will see if I can do that tomorrow after our shorter walk in the morning.

See ya…