Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Adventure Continues

Mom Hill.  I called early for an update on her condition.   She’s back at the nursing facility and they said she’s driving all over the place.  I got her a new scooter and it was delivered last Thursday.  All tests were normal and everything has returned to normal.

Newmar.  Upper management agreed to remove the roof, etc. , install the 9MM wood decking that they neglected to install,  reinstall the old (new) roof if feasible, if not then another new roof, remove my personal solar panels and reinstall.  They wouldn’t do that before.  I will do the reinstall of the solar electric.  I can watch as they do it also.  That’s rare for Newmar. They will put us in a nice hotel and pay for ALL of our fuel from here in California to Nappanee, IN (Newmar).  They want to do it in November or Spring and they said they didn’t need an answer right away.  They screwed up and they’re making it good.  I won’t ask for anything additional.  Well, maybe a wash job!

New Jello Schedule.  Hard to say…..

We ate at the IHOP this morning.  I wasn’t impressed and that might have to do with the fact that they don’t honor the TV advertised $4.99 breakfast.  Then they wanted $2.39 for coffee or any drink except water.  You know what I got.  My lady got her coffee.  We had to kill time before our post office gave out mail (10:30 AM).  We went to Walmart,  Lowes and an automatic car wash for $3.  It was next door to a Jack & Box.  Carol and I both love their 2 taco’s for 99 cents.  It ain’t much but we really like them.  In out travels we came upon this dentist with an appropriate last name.DSCN1131

 Post Office.  Our much needed mail was in and we received what we expected in it.

We sat out with Jon & Sue again in the early evening.  I ate all of their really great salsa and then we left with saying SEE YA back in Livingston in November.

Wow……everything turned out for the better today.  Damn, I should have played a lottery.  I like sure things.  Tomorrow (Wednesday) we head for the Elks in Visalia.  Our daughter's graduation is Friday evening.

I wish we could have attended the Escapade in Sedalia, MO but it wasn’t meant to happen.   We saw a lot of their new seminars and they really looked cool.

See ya….