Sunday, October 21, 2012

Texfest In Livingston

This morning I somehow got started doing maintenance checks on the Beast.  I knew it was low on oil.  I put in 2 quarts.  It has a 25 quart capacity.  That’s two quarts in about 19K miles.  I don’t think that’s bad.  This Cummins 400HP ISL is due for an oil change at 20K miles.  Then I checked the 7.5 Onan generator and it was fine.  Added a gallon to the windshield washer container.  I found that I have a very small leak of oil out of the right front hub cab edge.  That usually means a bad seal or bad front seal.  No bigee. I will take the hub cap off and get a better look another day.  I took some “stuff” out of the lower compartments and put in the big shed.  I got a lot of “stuff” that accumulates that goes in the shed.  I still have to raise the air temps in all the tires (10) too.  I raise them up about 10 lbs in the winter to make up for the constant colder weather.  Then in the spring I let them down again.  I got automatic wheel balancers for the front on my list to get while here in Livingston.

The Escapees park here has kicked off there Texfest.  Thirty some years ago the club was started right here and they celebrate it each year at this time.  They got a whole bunch of stuff going on during this week.  I was a runner for door prizes.

Here’s Mark and Tommie Sue.DSC_0003

Cathie giving out door prizes.  Bud was floating around somewhere.DSC_0010

And the crowd waiting….man …it looks like a retirement home….DSC_0015

They had bingo afterwards but that was too exciting for me…smile…

See ya…..