Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rocking The RV Boat

When I got up it was raining.  Good thing there was a temp patch on the roof.  It rained for several hours.  When it stopped raining I went out and hooked up the Jeep so I won’t have to do it tomorrow morning.  I also put water in the tank and disconnected all that stuff.  It got pretty muggy today.  I carried a few more loads of stuff into the mobile. 

The pen is mightier than than verbal Newmar BS.  I prepared a 4 page letter for Mr Miller, CEO of the Newmar Corporation.  I will over night it tomorrow morning.  It’s a basic 4 point fact letter and then asking 7 questions that need to be investigated.   I didn’t get into the little BS stuff.  Just the major points.  I figure the boat will start rocking about Wednesday.  I hope I’m not in it but I can paddle pretty dog on fast when I’m right and it’s very clear I am.  That’s my story and I’m sticking them with it.

I had to call Carol in Baltimore and ask her where the envelopes were.  I forgot to ask her where do I put these dirty dishes.  I think she would have told me!!!!

I was going to start doing a weekly blog today but until I hear from Newmar upper management I will do a daily. 

Tomorrow morning it’s off to the repair shop, breakfast and then to the post office.

See ya……..