Saturday, October 27, 2012

Full Timing Without Wheels

The Beast is ready to go into the shop.  The kitty and I are waiting in the mobile without wheels.  I did the laundry and was pretty neat about it, folded and all.DSC_0003

I leave my clothes out so I can see what I got.  I have left everything out as you can see.  This way I don’t loose anything.DSC_0005 DSC_0006 DSC_0007

I found an old pet bed that use to belong to my Mother’s dog.  The kitty claims it now.DSC_0008

For lunch I had Mark’s pulled pork and used some Tubbs BBQ sauce.  Yes, it was so good.  Just missing a little cole slaw.DSC_0011

I went to H.E.B. a local grocery store.  Since they still had pork butt on sale I got another 10 pounder.  So now I have about 50 lbs.  Here’s 40 lbs.DSC_0009

Then here’s another 10 lbs of pork butt and a slab of pork ribs and some BBQ chicken thighs ready to smoke or grill.DSC_0010

I’m ready to have a little get together except I’m missing my buddy that can worry about everything else to make.  She will be back next Saturday.

I only smoked ribs one other time and I flunked.  Monday I will try again but follow what is called a 3-2- 1 smoking method.  Mark is invited to be my guinea pig.  He too has no experience smoking ribs.  I will prep them Sunday and smoke them for about 6 hours for Monday dinner.

I stayed inside most of the day.  It never got out of the mid 50s.  I did look at the Pressure Pro on the Beast.  It monitors the tires pressure of my 8 tires on the Beast.  I need to add almost 10 lbs to each of the tires due to the cold weather.  These are Load Range L tires.  We will be traveling in cold weather come the end of December and stay in it until about March or so.  Then I will reduce the tire pressure down for the summer running.

Guess what I had for dinner?  Yeper, the last of Mark’s pulled pork.  It was still good.DSC_0001

Carol is in Baltimore where that storm Sandy will be in a day or two.  At least she’s in a house and not in an RV.  If we there in the RV we would be leaving for sure.

See ya…….