Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Still Busy Doing Nothing

My “To Do List” is getting longer.  I don’t think I’ve forgotten anything to add and that’s the problem.  I need to lose my list.  Ain’t no way I can remember everything on the list. 

I’m already thinking hard about getting ready to leave and we won’t be leaving until 27 December.  Only 58 days away but who’s counting – ME!  It’s in my blood even though it’s thinned out with blood thinners.  It’s there – what can I say?  Carol too but not as quite as bad.

Here’s the pork butt.  DSC_0001 It’s been smoking for 15 1/2 hours at this point.  Looking good.  Another 4-6 hours to go then it gets wrapped up and into the ice chest to cook itself for several more hours.  Mark and I have just about perfected the way we smoke pork butt for pulled pork.  No complaints.

Art drove his Medium Duty Truck (MDT) over this AM.  He came to see Wayne & Beth (next door) before they leave this morning for a chapter 10 rally.DSC_0002

I’m waiting for Art & Caroline to show up for dinner.  I got a little fancy.DSC_0003


They arrived.  They left.  No complaints.DSC_0004

We sat around and talked for hours .  They brought some chocolate cheesecake.  I had to have a couple of pieces, one for me and one for Carol of course.

Earlier I got a call from Joel West RV Repair.  The Beast’s awning is in.  We agreed that Thursday would be a good day to get it installed.

See ya…….