Thursday, October 11, 2012

Repair Work – 3rd time

Newmar was very apologetic but it wasn’t getting my roof repaired (again).  I told them I didn’t want to get involved in finding a repair facility and I didn’t want to move the rig anywhere.  I said for Newmar to find someone and have them come to me.  I’ve decided to let them see how a customer has to hassle with all this especially being under warranty.  It’s not always easy.  They agreed.  I get a call towards the end of the day from a repair facility.  I asked them what they were authorized to do.  They said remove the old seam tape and install new tape and caulk.  I said not acceptable and for them to expect another call from Newmar with authorization to do more.  I called Newmar and told them I didn't want a patch job I wanted a repair job.  We talked, they agreed and called the repair facility back and authorized more work. The repair facility is suppose to be out tomorrow (Friday) to do the work.  I will discuss in detail with them what they are authorized to do, what they recommend and why.  I’m micro managing this work like a hawk.  I think Newmar didn’t prep the surfaces for the application of the material.  They said it was the same materials used on the new rigs.  That’s just not true.  I did a tour while at Newmar and went on their new roofs.  I saw what goes on the roofs and it’s not the same.  Newmar wants me to trust them.  Yea right……I already told them I have no plans to ever return to their repair facility again.  They had the gull to ask why.  I told them to look at their own records of this coach which reflects repeated work for the same thing and major things like the roof and a slide out.  Yo Yo’s……

This type of problem, dealing with a manufacture, is not new to RVers.  Some manufactures are better than others.  I think Newmar, Winnebago and Tiffin are at the top of the crap heap as far as trying to accommodate their customers.  I don’t know about the others. I say if you find a small repair facility that you trust, deal with them.  Drive out of the way if it’s not an emergency.  The old saying it’s better to go back to the manufacture to get things fixed right has not been true for me.  Talk to other RVers, look on the internet, then open your wallets and hope they do it right the first time.

How many good manufacture repair guys does it take to repair a RV the first time.  None – they’re aren’t any!

With Tiffin it was take one repair step forward and two back.  With Newmar it takes two steps forward and one back.  With Newmar I feel I’m making headway.  With Tiffin I only got headaches.  Would I own another Tiffin – sure.  Another Newmar – sure.  Why?  I can’t afford a Newell, Foretravel or Spacecraft.  They have problems too you know! 

Make due with what you got until you see something you really like and can afford.  RV rig problems NEVER go away.  It’s how we deal with them that separate us and boy am I separated.

Enough moaning and groaning…

See ya…..