Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Newmar Ongoing & BLT

Newmar and us got off to a little rocky start this morning (Tuesday).  They called me late yesterday (Monday) and said to meet them in the lobby at 7:30 AM to view our coach without the roof on.  We arrived at 7:15 AM.  Come 8 AM and no contact or call I was starting to get pissed.  Then right about then I get phone call and the guy said he was in a meeting and would be another 30-45 minutes and asked if I could wait.  I said no.  We wanted to go to Shipshewana early and we would be back about noon.  He said they would go ahead and start work then and I said no to that.  He then said that he would have a worker come and meet me and take me back.  Agreed.  The worker showed up in about a minute along with the guy I’ve been talking to, the team leader.  I guess he changed his mind.  We went to the rig and I got on top of the roof and checked it out.  They answered all my questions and addressed my concerns.  All is good.

We went to Shipshewana and got there before the rain.DSCN1247

As usual their plants are gorgeous.DSCN1248

The place was really baron due to the end of the year.  I got an Alaskan hat and Carol got some Alaskan outerwear for the future.DSCN1249

Then it was time to go to the Amish bulk store down the street.  This place is pretty neat.DSCN1251 DSCN1252

We left and headed back to Nappanee via Goshen.  Carol said I must put this on the blog.  Some of these pictures got out of order and I couldn't fix them.DSCN1250 

When in Goshen this is a must stop for us for lunch.. DSCN1253

This is why.  A 1 lb BLT ($6.50)DSCN1254


Half gone…DSCN1255

All gone…DSCN1256

Hey, I just had to.  Carol got one but only ate half.  I got that half for dinner later.

We got back to Nappanee and I got a call to come and look at the coach roof with the underdecking installed.  So I did.  I talked with the two workers who had a combine time with Newmar of over 40 years.  They seemed to know what they were doing.  Tomorrow  then they install everything back on the roof and it’s go to paint hopefully they said. 

I called the customer relations department and asked when I could pick up our check for fuel like agreed upon.  I was told it would be mailed in two or three weeks.  I said that was not acceptable.  I was not informed of any such period.  Also, I had to pay $4,500 last time we were here for the roof that they improperly installed & before we got our coach and so on.  They said they would call be back after they talked to upper management.  A few minutes later they called and asked if it was OK by the end of the week and handed to us.  I said we might be done late Thursday and they said that would be fine and they would call us.  All is good.  We have been greatly inconvenienced by Newmar and so it’s their turn now is how we feel.  Besides, we need the money NOW ($1,678.32)!

Later that day there was a bad accident out in front.  I didn’t run and take pictures but did get the airlift chopper.DSCN1262 DSCN1269 DSCN1272 DSCN1277

Don’t know what was the final out come was but it was very serious.

See ya.