Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Full Timing & Yard Work?

That don’t sound right.  I did yard grass cutting today and used a mower.  Very interesting tool.  Also some weed cutting, some more pruning, some raking & washed two cars.  I’m pooped and my back hurts.  As a full timer I thought I wasn't suppose to do this type of stuff.

Tomorrow I hope to wash the Beast and start rubbing out some long scratches on each side. I’m going to try and put that off some how.  Oh yea, my back is hurting should be enough to put it off another day.  the Beast is due for a hand wax too.  Oh my back!

J.C. and Bev, blog readers, stopped by for a visit.  They wanted to see the Beast (not me I think) that I talk about so much on the blog.  No problem and gave them a tour.  We talked for awhile even about Alaska.  They will be leaving Friday and maybe we can get together again.  I got pictures to show them! smile..

NEWMAR COMES THROUGH LIKE CHAMPS. It’s started in May and is finally coming to an end it looks like.  Today I got a call from Newmar as a result of my letter to the CEO. They are refunding the cost of the new upgraded  fiberglass roof.  Also the cost of fuel to return where we originally left from to go to them to get the roof replaced.  That would have been from Indiana to California. They already paid for one way about $1,670. They have agreed to replace the large patio awning. Now that’s standing behind your product and making a customer happy for their screw ups. I’m starting to like Newmar.  It’s a wonder that roof never leaked.

I called Bob & Molly Pinner to let them know that Newmar takes cares of their customers.  They too had a Tiffin at one time.  They had to buy a house because their Tiffin was at Red Bay so long and they needed some place to stay.  Low and behold but who is there visiting them and probably eating one of Molly’s pies is none other than Nick and Terry Russell.  Oh, Molly didn’t offer you one of her pies to you Nick?…Too bad…smile..Nick's blog is very entertaining.  Check it out.  Just click on the green.

See ya………