Monday, October 15, 2012

Homeless While Full Timing

Well, I dropped off the RV at Joel West RV Repair 7:30 AM here in Livingston, Texas.  They pulled it in the back right away and two guys were on top pretty quick after that.

OK, now what?  I’m homeless.  I will stay in my Mom’s mobile of course.  This is the first time in over 12 years that I have not spent the night in an RV other than a hotel (repairs).  I think I’m a full timer!  The wife too except for emergencies due to relatives.  Oh yea, I have a few nights in hospitals here and there too.  Those are on the bottom of my list to return to.

I went to Subway for breakfast.  I got that two 6” for one deal which was an egg white flatbread with junk on it.  Now I got one for tomorrow morning.

Then I went to Lowe’s.  I bought some outside wire connectors for the solar panels, some BQ sauce (clearance price), and a 14’ pole tree trimmer.

Now it’s 9 AM and I’m at the post office.  I mailed the letter to the CEO of Newmar – overnight delivery at $18.                                                                                          

I got back to the lot.  DSCN1297 For lunch I made some Jambalaya.  It was a pre mix that I got at a specialty market in California.  I just added some sausage.  It was pretty good.  Not as good as Mark’s. It’s missing that secret ingredient.

I went out and trimmed some trees back around the driveway with my new apparatus.   When I get the RV back I will be able to trim more from the “roof”.  On second thought I don’t want the falling trimmings to hit the roof.DSCN1301

Poor golf cart. It sat outside here for 5 months covered up.  Carol’s Mercury Mariner got to be inside the big shed instead of it.  When we leave here it will set for about 10 months. DSCN1300

The six batteries are shot and are useless except for trade in value.  It has a flat and the seat have some mold on them.  I will fix the flat, pressure washer it real good and NOT put batteries in in.  Just too much money. DSCN1299

When I get the coach new batteries (6 in 2014), the golf cart will get the RV batteries.

This dinosaur was setting on the seat waiting for a ride.  I prefer green lizards so I scooted him off onto some green grass.DSCN1302


I got a call from Newmar, the Consumers Group department now.  They said they were going to go over all the repair bills to see if they can help resolve the issues that keep happening.  Then I got another call from the Customer Service department.  They were checking in to make sure everything was going OK.  I said he should call the repair place to get a true update.  About the end of the day I got a call from Rick, the owner of Joel West RV Repair where our RV is.  He said he did get a call from Newmar.  They asked him for an update and if he knew why the roof front/rear cap seals failed.  He said he told them straight up that they really screwed it up.  Not that way but it technical terms which he told me.  They had a conference call with him and the Customer Group leader, Customer Service leader, Shop Manager and the Team Leader (foreman guy). He said them seemed to care.  Rick asked me if he could keep our home (RV) overnight to let the new and improved caulking and all set up.  I said sure of course. I thought he would have it for two nights anyhow.

Oh, Joel West RV called me back later and asked if I had another door key.  They accidently locked themselves out.  They were finished.  Yes I do, plus a window is unlocked.  Been there done that!

Dinner was a TV dinner then some TV. About 9 PM I went to bed. It was not very comfortable. So be it…the cost of sleeping around!

See ya…..