Monday, October 29, 2012


I put the marinated (overnight) pork ribs in the smoker after adding a rub about 10 AM using the 3-2-1 method.  In a nutshell 3 hours smoking, two hours in foil cooking then one hour smoking again.  Then foiled it up, wrapped them in a towel and put in an ice chest (no ice) until dinner.  DSC_0001 There are a few other details but that's the jest of it.

I went and got our snail mail from the Escapees Mail window.  Hey, got a very large check from Newmar like $6,100 a total refund for the upgraded fiberglass roof and all fuel costs to and from California.  They have shipped a new awning that should arrive later this week.  Hey, Tiffin never paid anything for fuel and they messed up several things.

On the way back to the lot I saw Art Fennell.  Caroline and him got in yesterday.  I invited them over for dinner tomorrow night. 

I got back to the lot and pulled a 10 lb pork butt out of the frig that I just bought.  Did a rub on it and put in the smoker.  The smoker hadn’t even cooled down from the ribs yet.  Here’s the new meat.DSC_0002

My guinea pig, Mark, came over to test the smoked ribs.  We decided that the smoke flavor was a little on the heavy side.  The tenderness was good but didn’t pull off the bone completely but close.  Overall they were very good but me and Mark like perfection.  We have some ideas to take them to the next step.  I wonder if we can find any guinea pigs?DSC_0003


The 3 lbs of pork back ribs didn’t las t very long.DSC_0004

I called Carol in Baltimore and all is well as of 6 PM her time.

Wayne and Beth came over later to visit.  That was nice. DSC_0005  

Sad note:  Teresa, who is the office manger for the Escapees Headquarters, lost her husband over the weekend.  He was out hunting and died as the result of an ATV accident.  He was doing what he loved to do – hunting.  He was well liked by all.  Our hearts go out to her and her family.

See ya……