Sunday, October 28, 2012

Out Of Room

I’m running out of room in the mobile not in the 43’ Newmar Dutch Star AKA the Beast.DSC_0002

Yes that is a popcorn popper setting there.  I use it a lot.DSC_0003-001

In all this and I still managed to prep the pork ribs.  I had to cut them so they would sit in my pan.  This is 3 lbs.DSC_0001-001

Now here’s the Beast storage compartments on the passenger side. I got two chairs and a grill to go in here.  The back bin is just about empty.  The case of water I will move upstairs.DSC_0004-001

One of these bins is just about empty also.DSC_0005

You can’t see it but I have an empty bin behind these two bins.DSC_0006

This compartment is empty of course.  I’m thinking about my large (like real big) Camp Chief grill or the Bradly  Smoker.  I haven’t decided and probably won’t until just before we leave.  Plus and minus for each.DSC_0007

I have another big slender compartment that I haven’t changed since day one.  It has our picnic table cover, autoformer, 3 water filters and an electric griddle.  They all fit so perfect.

Excuse me - back to NASCAR………

I had a TV dinner for dinner…not too bad.

It got down into the 30s last night.

Sandy hurricane - Well, I guarantee you if we were in an RV on the middle or upper East Coast we would be gone.  It wouldn’t be a maybe or wait and see.  We   would be going southwest for sure.  Oh well….don’t have to worry about that…