Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Texfest Going Going Gone

The last day of the Texfest.  They started off with some seminars that I wasn’t interested in.  Instead I continued to unload the belly of the Beast.  If I haven’t used it in the past year or so, it’s coming out.  I found a case of bottled water that we had forgot about.  That’s pretty bad when you loose a case of water in your storage space.  Yes, that means you got to much storage space for sure.  Didn’t use the air compressor so that probably won’t go back in.  It’s a nice thing to have but not “have to have” item.  I have an airline off the engine’s compressor that I did use one time for low tire pressure.  What I need to do is get a 100 foot airline hose vice the coiled 50 foot.

I will have room for the freezer or the Bradley Smoker.  I don’t think I will take either.  Just won’t really use either that much if at all.  I got 3 bins half full of canned food.  That I will reduce down to 2 or maybe even one.  I think there are a few grocery stores out there in our travels.

I also checked and cleaned the electrical wiring for the solar panels.  I need to reinstall that pretty quick.

I did get a letter from Newmar saying they would return over $6,000 that we have spent because of their screw ups.   Wouldn’t it had been better to enclose the check instead of telling me what I already knew.  Kill another tree.  Hey Newmar, less talk more action.  Rick (owner) of Joel West Repair talked to me today.  He said that he’s been talking to Newmar and they seem to be shook up about their screw ups and dealing with me.  About friggin time.  AND I’m NOT done until it’s done right.  Hold them manufactures accountable!

About 10:30 AM I went up to the activity center for the last seminar.  It was a personal safety seminar by Jim Koca.  It was pretty good both for the inexperienced and experienced RVer.

Now it’s almost 12 noon.  You know what time that is?  It’s time to work the beer tasting booth with Mark again.  This time Mark brought in his own home brew for people to try.  It was a slow day today.  I guess people hadn’t recovered from the previous two days.  I then had a Frito pie.  It’s a plate with crunched up Fritos and the makings of the taco on top.  It was OK.  Since I won the free meal I can’t really complain about it.  I was all beered out and had a soda.

Dave & Marilyn abandoned me after lunch.  They headed for Thousand Trails in Conroe.  Marilyn has a dental appointment tomorrow.  It was fun having them here on the lot.  They’re new rig (View?) is really nice.  It’s not really a View but people kid them about it.

Later the Bake Auction was a big hit.  I couldn’t afford the calories or the prices.  They collected over $8,000 for the local fire department.  Then it was 4 o’clock and the Texfest ended.  It was fun and as always all good things come to an end and thus it ended.  GONE AGAIN.

I went back to our humble lot and ate a TV dinner and watched TV and had popcorn all night long.

Solos do have a hard time.  They are always the odd number out in just about everything.  They are by themselves so they don’t get all the information as if there was two of them collecting “what’s happening”.  Odd setting arrangements in a small car or setting at a table eating out.  The solo gets looked at when they have a conservation with themselves.  The list goes on.  I’m glad I’m not a solo.  For now, I got my kitty cat and she lets me know a few things or so especially at feeding time.  Right now she got up at 3 AM with me and now is laying on my foot to keep me warm as I type this.

Tomorrow I will….?????

See ya…………..