Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Full Timing In A Motel

It’s hard to do.  We started off the day by getting up at 7 AM.  Loud neighbors woke us in the middle of the night so we slept in with no problem.  Then is was off to McDonald's for breakfast.  Then what?  Let’s go up to Elkhart.   So we did.  Carol headed for Kmart and I headed for RV Parts Nation in the same shopping center basically.  It moved here a couple of months ago.  It has a lot of empty space and is growing.  We met & talked with Trina who runs the place.  She’s cool and appreciates RVers.  She even remembered Nick Russell (Gypsy Journal) which means we paid more….smile.  Well, we bought a nice chair for the Beast.  We dickered a little bit and agreed upon a price we both could live with.  It fit in the Jeep with ease without the back seat in it.

Then we back to Kmart.  They had a $251 grill on clearance for $81.  I was so damn tempted.  They had one in the box too.  Oh well.  I did see something that I quite couldn’t understand what they are for.  I think this means we are in the wrong part of the country!.DSCN1280

We went to McDonald's for lunch.  Two fish sandwiches (special 2 for $2) and two large soda’s ($1 ea) for under $5 total.  Plus we won a bag of fries in one of their games.

On the way back the Jeep was telling me things.  It first had a dash signal that I had 50 miles to go.  Then a little gas pump sign came on at 40 miles left.  Then with less that 30 miles the read out flashed LOW FUEL.  Carol was getting nervous and it wasn’t really raining that hard.  We stopped in town and got Shell at $3.79 and it took 16.6 gallons.  The book says it holds 18.6.  Shoot, I had another 40 miles or so say 25 miles for sure.  Now I know.

We watched the debate.  I won’t say if I’m for nor against the President.  I think he presented himself better than his opponent.  That’s all I’m, gonna say about that.  I will have to watch Saturday Night Live interpretation’s of the debate.  It’s always been hilarious.

See ya…………..