Friday, October 26, 2012

Fuel Coming Down, Temps too!

I went out this morning wearing a t-shirt, shorts and sandals.  Now I have to start looking at the outside temps before I go out in the morning.  It was 55 degrees out. Now I’m wearing long pants, socks and shoes.  Still wearing the t-shirt.  I did some more weeding after I fixed the weed eater.  I ran it till it broke again.  I will have to brake out the Gorilla Glue now. I mean later.  I’m done.

For breakfast I had two eggs and a hunk of that hickory smoked ham I did yesterday.  That was real good.  I will have a ham sandwich for lunch.  For dinner I’m taking ham over Mark’s for dinner.

Fuel prices are coming down.  Yesterday I watched as the local gas station went from $3.34 to $3.29 for gas and diesel went from $3.78 to $3.74.  Last November I paid $3.60 for diesel at the same station. Not a big move but a definite move in the right direction.  Damn, I filled the Beast ($3.79) just before we arrived here thinking it would go up before we leave the end of December.  Oh well.  I got two cars with 1/4 tanks of fuel.  I will run them down even more and see if gas goes down some more.  It might be time only to get $10 worth of gas instead of filling up.

Last year (2011) the least we paid for diesel was January in Yuma and paid $3.19.  The most we paid was $5.45 in Watson Lake in the Yukon going to Alaska.  The most we paid in the U.S. was in California, Utah & Colorado all of which were over $4 a gallon just two months ago.  Utah was the most expensive at $4.48.  Yes, higher than California.

I had some grease coming out from behind the lug nuts and hub cab on Beast’s front wheel.  That usually means a possible wheel bearing seal leak.  I took off the hub cap and it was dry as a whistle.  Good!!!!  I probably had some wheel cleaner and road grime that made it look like a leak.  Scratch that off my list of 31 things to do.  I won’t bore you with all the things on my list.  There things that have to be done like air up the tires (cold weather), install solar panels, etc. before we leave the end of December.

Are there any serious Hummel collectors out there?  I (mother) have about 60 dating back to the early 1990’s.  Email me at

Dinner at Mark’s was great.  He had a couple there that was passing thru en route to their home in southern Texas.  We had pulled pork and ham for dinner.  They all liked the hickory smoked ham.  Since I had a captive audience I shoed Alaska pictures.  We sat around and talked Alaska since the visiting couple had been there too.  Mark just slobbered all over himself out of envy.

I didn’t get back until after 10 PM past my bedtime.

See ya……..