Friday, October 19, 2012

Poo Video Camera

It doesn’t get light here in Livingston until after 7 A.M.  That seems late to me.  It gets dark to early too of course.  Come on Daylight Savings Time.  It got into the 40s last night and today in the 80’s.  That’s OK..The national Weather forecasters just announced  higher than normal winter temps in the west like AZ… might be a real good Quartzsite this year coming up.

Yippee, poo video camera!  Our new friends, Dick & Sue, are having trouble with their black water tank filling up in a couple of days.  My suggestion was to stay away from the Mexican food.  They just got their used motorhome a few months ago and their having trouble.  I tried telling them their system will adjust to the different types of food as they travel.  They’re brand new to full timing.  Anyhow, they made arrangements for this outfit to come out and clean their black water tank and they take a video of the inside.  Oh what fun.  I suggested to empty the tank, add a long squirt of Dawn dishwasher soap, put about 10 lbs of ice in the black water tank with about a gallon of water and drive down the road.  They didn’t think that would work.  Oh well.  Back to the video guy.


How many men does it take to hook up a hose?DSC_0004

I wish I knew a mushroom expert.DSC_0006

So finally the RV poo doctor finished his job.  All is going well so far.

Surprise, Dave and Marilyn Anderson showed up.  I put them up on our lot behind the mobile.  Here they are with their new baby.  They down sized from a 40 footer to a 24 footer.  I wonder where Dave sleeps.DSC_0008

Mark decided to get pictures for his next article in the Escapees Mag.  So with Dick and Bev’s RV right there he used theirs.  He’s taking pictures here.DSC_0002

OK…later we saw Jo & Pete Peters pull in but we didn’t get a chance to talk to them.  Then Tommie Sue & Harrell Hicks pulled in next door into the Wayne & Beth’s place.  We all came out and watched Tommie Sue back in their pretty new 34 foot Allegro.  It’s a Tiffin.  That’s alright though.  They don’t use it as much as their 40 footer so it should hold up…smile.. They down sized too.  What’s up with this down sizing stuff.

So, a lot of good conversation for sure.

Dinner.  Mark, Lisa Kocca, Dick & Sue and me went to dinner at this kinda fancy place out in the sticks that Mark suggested.  I forget the name of it and where it was.  I knew I should have had something to drink before we left.  The buffet was outstanding both in quality and high price.  I thought I was paying for my car fill up for a minute.  I will have to take my buddy there for that special occasion.

Earlier Carol reminded me that the mobile had a dishwasher.  I got the hint.  I put all the dishes in it that would fit and pushed the buttons.  Later that night I opened it up and there they were all shiny.  Then I saw the soap dispenser on the door.  Oppps.  Next time I will put soap in it.  She didn’t tell me I would have to do that.  Women…they got to tell us everything so we can survive. 

Mark is going to see if he can get me some pork butt at a good price at HEB.  If the does, sounds like it time to have a little get together……….

Tomorrow it’s clothes wash time or buy clothes.

See ya…………..