Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Keep On Wining..

This morning I went to Walmart because I was running out of socks.  I also got some tools that I need to do some projects on my list.  My list is very long and I should be able to get them done in two months.

For lunch the Texfest had Mark’s pulled pork sandwiches.  I put a little special vinegar (Mark’s special) and it was real good.  Of course Mark and I was tasked with handing out free beer samples again.  What a rough job.  Our shirts even matched.DSC_0009

Today was Market Day and there were over 30 vendors.  DSC_0004 I didn’t see anything I couldn’t live without.  I did stop at the LED light vendor and was tempted but said no.  I got enough things to do on my list without changing out the lights in the Beast.

One of the vendors was the Chips Away Windshield Repair.  The Beast had a small chip in the middle of the windshield so why not get ur done.  He did and it was free because our insurance paid for it.  Most due in most states.

At today’s social hour I won for the cutest photo in the photo contest.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.  I won another free lunch for tomorrow.  I haven’t bought any lunches yet – I won them all.DSC_0046

For dinner it was a BBQ plate dinner catered by Bodacious BBQ.  It was barely OK.  Their Barbeque sauce was great.

For evening entertainment they had Walter Plant.  He’s been coming here for years.  He was good.

Tomorrow is the last day of Texfest and the last day of Mark’s and my job of handing out free beer.  I guess we can handle one more day…..

See ya….