Saturday, October 13, 2012

This & That

We were up and on our way by 6 AM this morning.  I was taking Carol to the airport for her flight to Baltimore to be with her Mommy.  Carol’s Mom is having trouble dealing with life at her age basically.  That creates other problems to include physical ones.  So Carol is going out to pep her up and help her with some old age decisions.  She called me later and let me know she arrived safely.

I just piddle around the rest of the day.  I did work on the tow hitch tightening , adjusting, replacing chains, lubricating, etc. 

Then I decided to take our RV freezer apart and see why it won’t work on 12 V.  Conclusion, it’s broke.  Sounds like a government grant study why something doesn’t work.  Hopefully I will put it back together before I loose parts.

I’m starting to move stuff out of the RV  and into the mobile.  Stuff like food, computers, cameras, clothes that kind of stuff.  Since the RV goes into the repair shop Monday I like to remove the “tempting stuff” out. 

Watched the night NASCAR racing.  No real racing.  It’s 1:30 AM and can’t sleep.  I guess my naps during the day were too long.  That and the on going Newmar fiasco.

See ya……..